Swiss Feder Councillor Ueli Maurer Warns Of Overregulation and Suggests New Legal Entity To Accomodate Crypto Based Organisations And Projects

Federal Councillor Ueli Maurer, head of the Federal Department Of Finance came up with a interesting idea, while recently visiting fintech startup in Zurich to talk about the future of crowdfunding and fintech: Why not develop a whole new legal entity to accomodate crypto based projects and organisations? Maurer showed himself to be genuinely proud of the importance of Switzerland for the global crypto development. He suggested that, in order not to overregulate, talks between the industry, the administeration and the FINMA should be intensified. Switzerland, with its long tradition of decentralized adminstration and a culture of intense political participation, seems to emerge as a hotspot of the coming decentralisation and democratization of the global economy. All the better when leading politicians share this view.

Maurer was accompanied by Jörg Gasser, State Secretary for International Financial Matters, and Bruno Dorner, Chief Legal Services. is the leading crowdfunding platform in Switzerland and Austria. The author is the founder of

Artist and entrepreneur. Founder of

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