Demystifying Data Engineer hiring process

  1. Demystifying Data Science Interviews
  2. Researching for a Data Analyst Role

Demystifying Data Science Interviews Series

Factors and interview process for data science

Getting started with machine learning infrastructure.

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This is the first in a series of exploring the AWS Glue service.

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What is it?



My friend Andy Key and I introduced a new feature series, Data Science Challenges (DSC). The purpose of DSC is to:

  1. Challenge us to use and expand our Software Engineering and Data Science skills
  2. Apply these skills to solve problems and discover new insights
  3. Build a portfolio of projects that…


Data Science Challenges is an opportunity to flex your data science muscles by working on various types of Data Science projects. Projects will span the full gamut of Data Science — from working with…

Johannes Giorgis

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