Epic. It feels more like notes towards a synthetic theory than a real essay.
John Manoochehri

Thanks John,

I’m glad and flattered that you liked them. Especially the “Platform business model” piece is indeed more like notes than a coherent text. My Medium is not very widely read, so I publish there without remorse.

I agree with most of what you said. Regarding the new “information” theory as a super-theory, I might have lost you a bit there. I appreciate any insightful sources.

*Edit: I guess I got it now. Theory that the other theories are based on. That leads to a question: what approaches there are regarding the nature of causality? I would start constructing the new approach from there. It’s changing (big data, machine learning) and it’s central to systems theory, especially systems dynamics. The concept of causality is linked to Shannon’s information theory as well.*

To me, there is an interesting opportunity in trying to connect theories on information (immaterial?) flows such as transactions (indeed found, with delays and all, in complex systems theory) to theories regarding physical settings, such as organisation research (a corrupted branch of social research).

Any useful theory would need to connect the two. Which reminds me to return to Shannon’s “Human use of human beings” as there might be something regarding this there (I can’t recall).

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