Messenger Market in Germany : Facebook Messenger will challenge WhatsApp in 2016!

Facebook Messenger App by Kārlis Dambrāns, (CC BY 2.0)

The well known economic magazine brand eins (monthly) got this great column called “Die Welt in Zahlen” which means something along the lines of “The world in numbers”.

So far. In its recent January 2016 issue the magazine again covered again a lot of numbers for all kind oftopics but also some interesting stats around SMS and WhatsApp messages in Germany on a daily base.

Daily SMS in Germany in 2010 and 2015 in million

2010: 111

2015: 40

Daily WhatsApp messages in Germany in 2010 and 2015 in million

2010: 1

2015: 667

Source: brand eins, issue no. 1, 2016

What does this mean? Germany was entered by WhatsApp some years ago. While provider still offered the SMS service with additional costs they gave people the chance to use internet (desktop, mobile) at a lower price.

Today of course most of your friends and family use WhatsApp to write messages, send videos or audio files to stay in touch with others.

The buzzword is Mobile. WhatsApp is like SMS but mostly for free especially when you can use more and more public WIFI connections with your Smartphone for example at airports oder train stations.

Of course, in Germany we nowadays live in a communication world ruled by WhatsApp.

Its got a massive increase in new users until today there a more active users than on Facebook or every other Social Network and also more than on messenger apps like Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger goes ready for Business!

The bottleneck: it still lacks a “brand-friendly environment” where companies can communicate in a easy manner to their (new) target groups and customers as we know it from Facebook pages or Twitter accounts or at least WeChat official accounts.

This will be missing for a longer time since Facebook prepared its own Messenger for to get ready for business in 2016.

The magic happens when“Chatbots” take your inquiry serious.

“The Chat SDK allows developers to create bots that users can send text messages to directly and that automatically respond with information, images, location services, product prices, Buy buttons, and more. The Chat SDK can also tap into Messenger built-in payments system to let users make purchases via bots.” cit. Techrunch

That is fucking awesome isn`t it? And it`s priceless when you think about costs. Imagine. At this time “1st mover” like the Berlin startup Outfittery use WhatsApp for Pre Sales Business (German only).

This means the fashion startup integrates the WhatsApp “Stylecheck” into the workaround of it`s customer support.

But with Chatbots on Facebook Messenger you can obviously downsize your costs a lot. And I guess this artificial intelligence customer service is able to learn and to combine different data about your purchases which makes it even more attractive for brands than the “jungle world of WhatsApp”.

2016 will be the year of far-reaching disruption in the german messenger market. The funny part about this: the “Messenger War” in Germany is “Facebook only”

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