Do you love the Chinese language, or how do you think about it?

This is my first publish on Medium. It should be very short. I am a Chinese and live in Singapore currently.

I want to be a coach, a language coach with my motivation and energy. Therefore I am keeping step forward. To learn, to read, to change, to training myself.

Now, main-dishes coming!

I want to do some researches here. And I much appreciate who will leave pieces of share here. I am going to learn from everyone.

  1. How do you think about China/Chinese and its language?
  2. Do you like to learn Chinese, and why or why not?
  3. If you learning it, how do you think of, which part is easy and which part is difficult or super difficult?
  4. What is the thing you want to know from me as a native Chinese ?
  5. How about Business Chinese ?
  6. other?

Tonnes of thank with sincerely !