Movie Characters That Always Get Laid And Why

I’m a huge fan of movies, which you probably already know about me since I have a couple of movie reviews about their philosophy up in this blog.

Yes, it’s true.

Characters that get laid a lot in movies (and I’m not talking about mediocre Hugh Grant/Richard Gere love stories here), the guys that we seem to think have it all, always, and I do mean ALWAYS, possess the same kind of characteristics.

In other words, the guys that get laid a lot in movies tend to have the same kind of personality, the same kind of outlook on life, and especially about women.

Characters that tend to get laid a lot tend to think the same way about sex, dating and everything in between, meaning — the laws of being an attractive male that has sex with many beautiful women in a short period of time seem to be following the same pattern.

Conclusion? You’ve guessed it!

There is a certain behavioral pattern that helps you to get laid.

Let’s break down a typical “womanizer” on-screen that women seem to love.

  • Pretty much every single Humphrey Bogart role.

This guy is often considered to be the first womanizer to be put on-screen, since almost in every movie he starred in he had the same kind of personality and his treatment towards women followed the same mannerism. So, what did he have?Bogart always put himself on a pedestal, always saving his own neck before others, not playing the knight on a white horse. Although he was in several “damsel in distress” flicks, his attitude towards any given situation always stayed the same. Even though a killer was after the hottest woman in the city, Bogart always dealt with his own affairs first, making sure his ass was covered before actually reaching out to help that poor woman.

Bogart was an alpha male, if not a hyper-alpha. Apart from being confident as hell, he acted as if he always had a plan, rarely losing his cool and always having that “even if I’m wrong I’m never in doubt” face on.

In most cases Bogart was a wreck, an alcoholic who could even be considered a strong nihilist. Bogart knew what he was about even if that thing was not considered to be nice or polite. Bogart did not care much for mannerism. He knew he was being an asshole, he was completely aware, yet he did not care and always had a way of making himself get out of trouble by referring to the fact that he’s an asshole or blaming a specific situation for making him act in such way, therefore getting off the hook. Perhaps one of the strongest charismatic portraits on-screen.

I don’t think I even have to point this out. EXTREME CONFIDENCE in himself and knowing what he’s about.

Funny enough, you could see Bogart be vulnerable and knowing it, yet still a go-getter and “fight until the end” type of guy. Vulnerability creates comfort and shows a girl that you’re still human, therefore she can relate since women are typically extremely insecure.

Follow these guidelines up to your own personal perspective, play around with these by adding them into your own persona, and see how your relationships with women slowly start to shift towards you getting more attention, more publicity and ultimately –

More sex.

Isn’t that what’s life mostly about anyway? To win the approval of the opposite sex.


Originally published at on August 15, 2017.

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