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Photo: PINTS N’ PITCHES — Vancouver by Conexkt

Prioritizing the Who in the age of automation

Johann Roduit, PhD in Bioethics, founding partner of Conexkt, @JohannRoduit
Alexandre Luyet, MA in Marketing, founding partner of Conexkt, @AlexLuyet

Simon Sinek argues that we should start with Why. In the age of automation, we think we should prioritize the Who, from which everything else stems.

2020 is the fourth year of business for our agency. It is the year we decided to make our business manifesto public, inspired by the new Davos Manifesto of the World Economic Forum. Looking back, we should have done this much earlier. But before embarking on our entrepreneurial journey, we somewhat naïvely did what most businesses do: we identified our mission, our vision, and our values. We wrote a “classic” business plan. We thought we had it all covered.

However, in today’s world: the age of the fourth industrial revolution, where industries are changing faster than ever, we realized that it was essential to deepen our vision and values, and to drastically change our ways of functioning as a team. Nowadays, careers are much more fluid than before, with employees coming…

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Alain Dubois is the Head of the State Archives of the canton of Valais, and founder of the Sion Time Machine project. Dr. Johann Roduit is the founder of Conexkt — Innovation Studio. Together they present the Sion Time Machine project: an initiative that aims to create a digital twin of the city of Sion, in Switzerland, in the same vein as the Venice Time Machine.

«Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.» Applied to our digital societies, this famous quote from George Orwell’s novel 1984 implies that…

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Photo: TED

After four days at TED 2019, here are four main thoughts regarding this fascinating week, and more generally on Innovation

1/4. People & Ideas

For the past 8 years, I have participated in a lot of different TED and TEDx events. One thing that always strikes me is that during such events the most exciting moments are never when I am listening to the talks themselves. Don’t get me wrong, the talks are incredible. Months of work are going into each one of them. And we can get an overview of some very important issues in record time. But I know that the talks will be available online. So the uniqueness of a TED or a TEDx event is not the talks themselves. Instead…

I watched online one of Yuval N. Harari’s latest talk the other day. The organizers asked the online community to participate and ask questions. I thought I would share mine here as well.

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Question 1 - On Ethics

Dear Yuval Noah Harari,

As humans, we already outsource a lot of our moral decision-making to others (e.g. to friends, to politicians, to religious figures, etc.). We let them make moral decisions for us (or at least we ask them to help us).

Is there a fundamental difference if we were to outsource our ability to make moral decisions to machines (like AI)? …

Johann Roduit

Ethics at the Heart of Technology, Innovation, and Business.

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