10. The “Face” of ETH is a sickly looking young kid with little social skills who could potentially…
Johann Wolf

I’m sure you understand my point exactly. While I do think V.B. is a bright and innovative guy — he represents a stark system contrast to the absent Nakamoto who wisely withdrew with the great understanding that a truly democratic and decentralized system will only weaken by the focus on fallible humans connected to it. V.B. is the ETH rockstar… and celebrity is a socially dangerous position, therefore ETH is very much connected to his person and his future. Perhaps my personal opinion of his physical appearance and behavior seamed mean or unnecessarily critical… I’m not really that guy… I was just humorously using low hanging fruit to make my greater point. I’ll be more conscious in the future not to offend. Richard has made numerous good points on the technical weaknesses of ETH already, I was just pointing out another crucial societal vulnerability of ETH vs BTC.