The Chosen

“Here she comes,” said Serafin looking at the figure running thru the trail.

“She’s really fast, going uphill, don’t you think?” asked Nortrim, looking at Serafin’s figure hanging from the mountain looking intently at his charge.

“Yeah, she’s incredible, truly a child of God” replied Serafin not taking his eyes off her.

“you mean one of the Chosen children of God” Nortrim corrected him.

“Yeah, yeah you know what I mean” Serafin, feeling a bit uncomfortable at the title given to his charge. He didn’t like thinking about it, and rather focus on the mundane human activities that his charge does day by day as oppose to all the things written in the Book of Lives that she will have to face one day.

“for now, she’s just Athella, a recently graduated business student, looking for a job” Serafin added trying to take his mind off the inevitable future.

“And how is that going for her?” Asked Nortrim

“not well, she moved back in with her mom and starting her job search here” Answered Serafin

“What a sorry Guardian Angel, you are” Said Nortrim, slapping Serafin’s wings and dislodging a small translucent silver feather in the process.

“you know very well; there are certain things I cannot meddle in” Said Serafin, nose flaring, and ears a bit red.

“Wo Wo, Wo, I was just teasing you, jeez, I get it, I used to be a guardian angel too not to long ago remember?” Said Nortrim

“Yeah till you let him died” Said Serafin as a matter of fact, focusing back on his charge

“that was the will of the Father!” Nortrim replied angrily, grabbing Serafin; the smaller angel by the back of his neck and raising him from the ground with a single hand.

“now we are even, we just traded insults, so put me down, so I can continue doing my job,” said Serafin in a nonchalant tone with a slight smirk. He was happy to have gotten underneath Nortrim’s skin, just like he had done to him.

‘God will forgive me’ he thought. Yet, he knew very well that, that ’eye for an eye’ thing was not good to do, he was supposed to turn the other cheek, but that was so hard to do sometimes. He always wonders how Jesus did it…I guess it helps to be the savior, extra powers and all. Well, I will just have to ask for forgiveness once my shift here was over.

As soon as his bare feet touched the rocky ground that made up the mountain he was perched on, he rested his gaze on Athella once again. As soon as he did, the hair on the back of his neck and feathers raised in alarm.

“what’s wrong?” Asked Nortrim, noticing the change in Serafin’s form.

“There, look there!” pointed Serafin

“It’s a fallen, what is it doing here, is not time yet, is not her time!”

“I don’t know, I’m going down, look she is not paying attention, headphones on, eyes glazed as if in a dream, she’s not ready for this.”

“Maybe is the will of the Father, Serafin have you thought about that? Maybe she’s ready” said Nostrum, holding to Serafin’s arm.

“she’s not ready!” yelled Serafin as he wrenched his arm from Nortrim’s grip and jumped down from the mountain. He spread his wings and soared through the darkened early morning skies.

Athella, had a good pace going and will soon reach the fallen, unbeknownst to her, he had to save her. Serafin, pumped his wings, pushing the frigid early morning wind through his wings to reach Athella, in time.

It felt like flying, thought Athella as she pumped her legs and pushed herself up the hill. The wind was picking up a bit, and the air was crisp against her face, but it made her even more determined to hunker down and attack this hill.

So many things to think about on this long run. Her recent and devastating breakup to whom she thought was the love of her life. The separation from her friends and life as she knew it in NYU, and let’s not forget the feeling of failure for being the one out of all her friend who didn’t found a job in New York.

She knew she will bounce back, but she didn’t know exactly when. Patience was not her strong suit and every day that passed just made her feel shittier and shittier. Her mom was happy to have her back, and welcomed her with open arms and an open room, but God only knew that she didn’t want to go back to living with her mom and sleeping on a twin size hello kitty bed. By now, I should be in a studio somewhere in Brooklyn, commuting to Manhattan and sleeping in an understated platform queen size bed, thought Athella.

My ever-patient mom always liked to remind me to “just leave it up to God”, but I wanted to say “no! It’s up to me! I’m getting this job, this apartment, this life, not God!” Sometimes my mom’s unwavering faith infuriated me, even though I love her with all my heart. After all, she did raise me single handily on one income and gave me the best life she could, so if she wants to hold on to God for her sanity, fuck it, why not.

Suddenly, something, feathery touched my nose, and the slight touch made me sneeze. I turned to look, but all I saw was a silvery white flake, touching the ground. I looked at the sky, expecting to see snow, but nothing. I guess mother nature just threw down one flake and kept the rest to herself. Go figured…crazy El Paso weather.

I looked forward right before I was about to step on a turd left behind by the friendly dogs and owners who frequent the trail. As I do, I notice a figure, standing two feet in front of me. I hadn’t noticed him before, but then again is still dark, way to early for the sun to be making an appearance so maybe I couldn’t have seen him until now. He’s most likely a hiker, getting an early start to his hike, I thought.

But he was not moving, just standing there. I couldn’t quite make out his face because it was so dark. I slowed down my pace to try to get a better look, but his hoodie kept his face obscured. Now I was panicking, I reached for my bright pink pepper spray keychain, just in case. In a matter of seconds a strong wind coming from my right blew me off course and caused me to stop. I look behind me and long and behold there is another man there, this one behind me and walking towards me.

“shit just got real” I whispered under my breath and grabbed tightly onto my pepper spray with shaky hands I was ready to spray either one of these men.

“Excuse me miss” inquired the man approaching me from my rear. His tone was friendly, and he was dressed as if he was ready for a hike himself, unlike Mr. hoodie and sweatpants upfront.

I turn around still ready to spray and looking in the direction of the hoodie making sure that he wasn’t approaching me as well.

“what’s going?” I said, trying to be brave but my voice betrayed me. I could hear my voice shake and crack a bit.

“I am not sure if the red Volkswagon Jetta down the trail is yours, but it looks like it was broken into. The windows were smashed, and the tires were slashed” Said the friendly hiker

“what the fuck! yeah, that’s my car” I said outraged.

“I can go with you and help you call the police and all if you want…” said the friendly hiker, not finishing his sentence.

“no I can do it myself,” I said not giving him a chance to finish and quickly turning into the direction of my car.

I started running, letting the hill take me down. I yelled over my shoulder “thank you!”

Serafin quickly changed his focus to the fallen, seeing as Athella was away from harms way. The fallen, spread his black wings and was ready to take flight, but he was not faster than Serafin, Being a small angel, meant that he was much quicker than some of the bigger ones. Bigger is not always better he thought.

He grabbed the fallen by his waist as he was taken off in flight. With all his might, he tighten his grip on him and forcefully brought him down to the ground. Not allowing him to recover from the shock, Serafin jumped on top of him and bashed his head on the ground. The soulless eyes of the fallen opened revealing a black of nothingness that made Serafin fill cold and angry inside. Three times he bashed his head on the ground, but this fallen was strong, way stronger than Serafin. He reached behind him, feeling for his sword while his other hand was struggling to keep the fallen pinned down. Before losing his grip, he pulled out his sword, shining bright like a star in the darkness. Without losing momentum, Serafin pushed the sword, straight to the sternum of the fallen, reaching into his black heart. “Don’t come back; you hear me? and tell the others not to look for her” He said looking into the dark eyes before they lost the glimmer of life and vanished into thin air.

“He’s gone, I sent him back where he belongs,” said Serafin, getting off the ground, feeling Nortrim’s gaze piercing his back.

“you shouldn’t have intervened”

“well I did” Serafin quickly replied

“We need to go back; Father may need to talk to you after this.”

Serafin opened his wings, looked up to the sky and shot straight up, not wanting to hear anything else out of Nortrim.

~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

Chest burning, lungs fighting for air, Athella reach her car in the fastest time ever. She spotted the red Jetta right away. Circled the car while doing a quick inspection. No damaged windows, no slashed tires, not even a scratch. “What the hell?!”
 Johanny Placencia

Originally published at on April 8, 2016.

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