I’m gonna puke if you compare Angular to React again; heres why!

I’m a long time Angular developer but to be fair Angular 2 is not what you describe — yet.

Your statement about NodeJS and Java is applies here — the power and benefit of React is the flexibility gained by using any number of smaller libraries — same as NodeJS. You have to do more research and do more plumbing which is the cost of flexibility. You also gain more understanding of how everything works together.

The future benefits of going down the React path are in Universal JavaScript and React Native. Universal JavaScript if not about sharing code between client and server. It is about sharing resources across platforms — iOS, Android, Web. This is where React Native comes into play. There is even a React Native Web project that treats web browsers as another flavor of native.

These are the compelling reasons to go with React — the flexibility and diverse ecosystem of libraries and projects, and beyond just web browsers.

Things are changing frequently and quickly and the assumed stability of a monolithic framework is in reality a disadvantage.

If you do want to go the monolithic route then Aurelia looks like a better bet. For one Aurelia uses web standards, like parts of Web Components, where they make sense and is a very thin layer on top of these standards. Unlike Angular 2 with its funky template syntax.

I also think the fact that Angular 2 itself is written in TypeScript is a detractor. Reminds of when I used to consider using a library only to find it written in CoffeeScript — context switch plus I need to change my tooling to deal with it — no thanks. TypeScript is not bad or wrong but I prefer to use JavaScript and augment it via Babel to leverage new language features.

React may only be the view rendering but the project has given us new architectural patterns and many of the supporting libraries you listed are stable and we’ll sorted, with some moving under the React parent project.

I’ll keep an open mind and watch development of Angular 2 but I’m building today and for that I’m using React.

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