Getting Started as Salesforce Developer

It is much easier to learn how to code in Salesforce platform nowadays, with thousands of resources available online. But here is the step by step for you to get started:

1. Create Developer Edition org.
It is FREE, and will be always available (as long as you keep using it) — I have a 12 years DE org and still working. Developer Edition will have equivalent features with Enterprise Edition, except it only provide you 2 licenses and limited storage. Follow this link to create your personal DE org.

2. “ Platform Fundamentals” ebook
Again this is also FREE, download the PDF file from here
You will learn from declarative capability within Salesforce platform, from basic database concept, build sample app, security setting, and many more.

3. Developer Library
Once you have the basic of Salesforce platform, declarative capability to build app in Salesforce, continue to download more eBooks from Developer Library, again all this resources are free
The library contain book from Fundamentals, Lightning Experience, Salesforce1 app, and many more.
In this site, you also can buy books authored by Community Authors

4. Developer Group meetup
Find and attend Salesforce Developer Group meetup in your area. Salesforce Developer Group meetup available in many countries and cities, from United States to India, from San Francisco to Bangalore. You can search them from

5. Trailhead
This is the fun way to learn Salesforce. You can start from Developer Beginner trail —, continue to Developer Intermediate trail and keep going on.
In some modules, you need to hands-on to write code in Salesforce to pass the module, then you will get badges for every module you passed.

Recently, there are new Superbadges trail, you need to spend 4–8 hours hands-on to complete each of them. If you are developer “Apex Specialist” is mandatory, get it from here

6. Salesforce Developer Discussion Forums
Hit a road block when write apex trigger, apex class, test method and etc., go to to ask your question, in minute’s developer from around the world will help you answer your question. Make sure you put clear question, what is the error message, snippet of your code and screenshot when possible.
After received many answer from community, it is time for you to give back to community by answering other developer questions.

7. Stack Exchange
Another popular forum to ask question to community from Stack Exchange, there is a specific site in Stack Exchange just for Salesforce related

8. Certification
Prove your developer skill to your future employers. You need to pay small amount of money to take this test and you also need to maintain your certification in every release. You can attend the exam online with camera, or go to exam center available near in your city.
Register for exam here:

9. Developer Forest @Dreamforce
Attend Dreamforce 2016 in San Francisco Oct 4–7. Make sure to spend your time network with other developers, MVPs, and Salesforce product manager. Checkout the schedule here

This is the Power of Community!