Medical Marijuana the answer to ADHD/ADD?

Medical Marijuana and its therapeutic benefits have come out of the shadows and is making huge strides in the pharmaceutical industry. Yes, there has to be policies that make sure the judicial use of the herb and taking the last 5 years into consideration the rate of growth is ever increasing. The future surely looks promising.

With studies and researches happening daily to understand medical marijuana and its benefits and side effects in treatment of various disabilities and diseases, it will only help the patients. Today, people of 33 states are using medical marijuana for their treatment.

Among many medical conditions ADD/ADHD is also one disorder that medical marijuana helps in treatment.

ADD or ADHD is a condition where a person feels excessive restlessness. It is a chronic condition which causes difficulty in being attentive and causes impulsiveness. ADD stands for Attention Deficit Disorder. In ADHD a person is hyperactive and in ADD a person can be calm and serene but fail to concentrate on one thing.

Treatment of ADHD

Generally the ADHD medicines alter the levels of norepinephrine or dopamine. The problem is they come with a number of side effects like suppressed appetite, mood swings, insomnia, tics, delayed growth etc.

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But because of the social stigma people are hesitant to choose cannabis over the traditional medicines. One thing you could do before going into a dispensary is consulting a medical marijuana doctor California to clear your doubts and guide you through the treatment.

Yes, Medical Cannabis Helps!

Medical cannabis helps in the treatment of ADD or ADHD by increasing the levels of dopamine. Medical cannabis contains cannabinoids which are the reason to influence the dopamine levels in patients with ADD. Also, medical cannabis reduces it’s symptoms like hyperactivity and provides calmness in the body. It induces mental slowdown which helps the patient to concentrate.

Medical Marijuana Strains for the treatment of ADHD

True OG, Blueberry Headband can be used for calmness. It reduces the stress levels and other distractions which are common issues among ADHD patients. Also one can opt for Cinex, Sou Diesel if one is looking for mental energy and engagement. For improving attentiveness Harle-Tsu, Harlequin could be the answer.

Yes, more research and studies need to be conducted to provide the best treatment to the ADHD patients. Though medical marijuana has shown its prowess in reducing the symptoms with such effectiveness.

With medical marijuana spreading its branches in the treatment of a number of medical conditions, it is important to acknowledge the importance of the herb. We cannot just ignore its benefits over the fear of it being used illegitimately. There are California medical marijuana doctors that can guide you through your treatment and your concerns. It is always better to understand a concept before shunning it away.

And yes, the country is ahead of the world in accepting marijuana but it is a journey where we need to make sure to reach our destination without much delay. With thousands of people reaping the benefits of the plant, we can shape a model for the world to follow.

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