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Hello there and thanks for stopping by. My name is Johhan Santana and I’ve been working with javascript for around 6 years now. I have been developing react applications with NextJS for around 2 years and for me is by far the best way to create react applications.

Please let me know if there’s something missing or if you have any questions while following this.


What we’re building

Why I moved from MeteorJS to NextJS

Disclaimer. This is based on my opinion from the experience I’ve had working with both platforms, at the end of the article it is you who decides which platform you are most comfortable working with as both have their pros and cons, and they’re awesome!

Also, I point out the features that I used and liked the most about both platforms, I may miss some stuff here and there.

With no further ado,

Johhan Santana

Fullstack Javascript Developer

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