VidCon Debrief

I’m very disappointed and will no longer be attending. In fact, from here on out I’ll be recommending that my brothers and sisters not support Vidcon 2018.

“It is openly known that women on the internet are subject to far greater amounts (and intensity) of harassment and abuse than men.”

No, it’s openly *believed*. Studies show otherwise. Example:

IMO it’s impossible to know for sure as I’m not convinced either way given the data, however, it is not “known” as a matter of fact.

“During the panel, a panelist called out one of the audience members for being someone who has made her life very difficult, and wished she didn’t have to give him attention because he was a “garbage human.”

Ms. Sarkeesian did not have to do that for any reason at all. She chose to. She seemingly knows exactly how much she can get away with, you’ve only embolden her. You should really look into her claim of harassment here, for the sake of your own image. I just did, out of curiosity, and it rings false. As far as I can tell the person in question has never called Ms. Sarkeesian a “Garbage Human” or a “Sh*t Head” or anything else approaching that level of insult. Especially not in a crowded place from a position of white power.

Now, I very much disagree with the person in question but Ms. Sarkeesian is being willfully dishonest here and that I can not support, or anyone who would side with her actions on this particular matter.


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