How travels can change your personality

When I reflect the last two years, I have to say that my personality changed in many ways. I’ve been travelling a lot, have seen lots of different places and got to know various cultures. All theses experiences I faced during my time abroad definetely made a contribution to the way I think about life nowadays. There are endless things I became aware of due travels. In this article I just want to list a few thoughts I currently have in mind:


Staying in one place for a longer period of time makes you take the simple things for granted. When I travel, I quickly get convinced of the contrary. You get to appreciate the things you deal with every day, like drinking pulp water, brushing your teeth or taking the elevator to your apartment, are actually blessings.


Travels typically come along with difficulties, things don’t always go according to plan and you will learn how to adapt in order to make them work. After being forced into being flexible a few times, I noticed that it can actually be quite funny to take random adventures, and it will likely inspire you to become more spontaneous in the future.


Stuck in traffic? Meh. Your friends keep you waiting to go for dinner. Damn — Seriously? Honestly, I used to be truly annoyed when I was stuck in traffic or somebody ran late for an appointment. The moment I realized how big the world actually is and got a first-hand look at how other people live and what they’ve overcome, the small problems in my own life felt baseless in comparison. Since I made this learning I have a better sense of what truly matters and what doesn’t.

All in all, travels just helped me building my current personality and I’m truly grateful for that. You fill your mind with memories that will serve you for a lifetime. You have stories to tell and experiences to share. Learning how people in different cultures deal with certain problems, changed the way I think about my own life and made me an even better problem-solver.

What have you learned from traveling? I’m super-curious about your stories. Want to get in touch, drop me a line: