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“Labour’s policy on immigration in this election is well to the right of the 2015 manifesto...While the effect of this was to almost entirely drain the ‘immigration debate’ from the election in a way unimaginable even six months ago, this was only due to the total capitulation of both Corbyn and the broader left on the issue”.

This seems at best ungenerous. Whether Labour’s policy to end free movement (apparently added to the manifesto late in the day by Keir Starmer) is the right one — and I’m not as convinced as you seem to be that it’s inherently right-wing and punitive— in practice it was a complete non-issue in the election and barely featured in the campaign. You make it sound like Labour campaigned on an anti-immigration platform to win over UKIP voters, when in fact Corbyn — unlike Miliband, who made controlling immigration a key election pledge (carving it onto the “ed stone” etc) —successfully shifted the focus away from immigration and onto inequality, public services, social care etc. It was not “capitulation” but a more aggressive and assertively left-wing campaign that allowed Labour to define the debate (I wonder if Brexit has also somewhat neutralized the immigration issue — for the time being), whereas Miliband was always on the defensive.

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