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Natural air temperature regulation Laws of Physics are 1,455 times stronger than man made carbon dioxide. In the first 17.417 years of the Twenty First Century carbon dioxide in the air increased from 368.77ppm to 406.31ppm, (Mauna Loa carbon dioxide). (From Table 6.2, Climate Change 2001: The Scientific Basis) 5.35ln(406.31/368.77)=0.51865wpsm In 2010 NASA published the CERES earth’s energy budget. This new budget reduced the greenhouse gas radiation forcing from 51.3wpsm to 17.9wpsm. The well mixed green-house gas component was reduced 25%. (0.75*0.51865wpsm=0.38899) This amounts to, 0.02233wpsm/yr.

On July Fifth the earth is farthest from the sun and solar radiation is 330wpsm. In 6 months on January Fifth the earth is closest to the sun and solar radiation is 354wpsm. This is an increase of 24wpsm and the earth’s air is 3 degrees Celsius colder. The earth’s natural air temperature regulators, the Laws of Physics, have more than offset the additional 24wpsm of solar radiation plus an additional 8.5wpsm to lower the temperature 3 degrees Celsius. (32.5/0,02233=1,455) In addition from January Fifth to July Fifth as the earth moves away from the sun the same natural mechanisms work in reverse to raise the air temperature 3 degrees Celsius above January Fifth even though there is 24wpsm less of solar radiation forcing.

What are these forces of nature that maintain the earth’s average annual global air temperature in a very narrow range of 1.0 degree Celsius: (1) Atmospheric cooling is a function of air temperature raised to the fourth power. A 1% increase in air temperature causes a 4% increase in infrared radiation to space by the air. 1.01 raised to the fourth power equals 1.04 (2) Cloud Albedo — Average annual global solar radiation incident upon the earth is 342 watts per square meter. 200wpsm heat the earth’s air and 77wpsm are reflected back to space. (3) Conduction Reduction — For every 1wpsm of infrared radiation absorbed by carbon dioxide, the conduction-convection physical mechanism of heating the air is reduced by 0.31wpsm. (4) Ocean Sequestration of Heat — The first 700 meters of the ocean have a heat content 1,000 times larger than the heat content of the atmosphere. If the ocean absorbs the equivalent of enough energy to heat the atmosphere 1.0 degrees Celsius, the first 700 meters of the ocean increases an undetectable one thousandth of a degree Celsius.

According to Mark Hopkins (Lectures on Moral Science 1863) in order to have a moral opinion on human activity causing global warming one would need to have a sufficient measure of practical reason to understand the relative magnitudes of natural and human forces. In scientific jargon the negligibleness of man made carbon dioxide is the second order of smalls.

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