How Your App Drives Revenue and Engagement

Written by Emileigh Rettig and John Carter

Properly Designed Apps Driving the Critical 5

1. Keeping members connected, year round
2. Attracting Millennial members
3. Taking your communications mobile in real time.
4. Creating new sources of revenue
5. Increasing new memberships and retention

How do you stay connected with the members of your association? Phone, Messaging, E-Mail, LinkedIn, Facebook, Events?

Nearly 2/3 of Americans are smartphone owners. Daily, the average user uses their phone for a total of 145 minutes. Heavier users: 225 minutes.* If young professionals are primarily using their phones to stay connected to friends, family, and career… the most effective way for continued engagement with their association is a properly designed app on the one device they use most often- their phone.

As the young professionals in your industry turn into leaders, a company culture should be engraved from the start. Millennials are at the cornerstone of the digital age, and carry a huge role in the integration of connectivity, resources, and growing leadership. The best way to keep these millennials engaged with their association is highly relevant ongoing news, information, and connectivity to other members. An app is designed to do this with one click.

Now let’s talk revenue generation. More and more sponsors are looking for opportunities in the mobile market. As your member app use increases- advertisers will take notice and look to partner. By carefully choosing the correct affiliate sponsors, your app will generate its own income by showing short ads in forums, and within your newsfeed. Some apps feature easy to access analytics that show usage in real time. Advertisers love this. Apps can also feature valuable information through simple one click polling.

So, as associations look to flourish in the mobile space, there is at least one proven medium to engage and grow year-round, your app- on every members’ phone. Some apps are showing revenue generation of $500k a year, and increased membership retention of 5x or more.

Written by Emileigh Rettig and John Carter

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