From London with love — long distance (working) relationships and remote teams
Sydnee Watlow

Thank you, Sydnee for taking the time to write such a great blog post about your experience working with Endavans. It really means a lot for us to know that we are able to contribute every day to the solutions that help you grow as a business, and I’m very proud to see that our team in Iasi has made such a positive impact. I hope you all had a wonderful time when you got the team in one place recently!

I’m happy to hear that together, we’ve built such a strong, collaborative team. Endava is about people, not just our people but also those who work with us and those who use the platforms and systems we design, build and operate. We’re excited about continuing to grow our partnership with Trinity Mirror, creating success for Endavans, the Trinity Mirror team and the people who use the solutions we develop together.

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