No candidate is perfectly fit for office, regardless of party affiliation.
Jesse Bohanan

and Hillary Clinton being, perhaps, more fit in terms of political views to run our country than even Barack Obama

Full disclosure, I’m am neither a fan of Hillary’s, nor Obama’s (and certainly not a Berner), but I don’t know how you can intellectually put Hillary and Obama in the same sentence when attempting to make the point that some politicians are more qualified than others to be President. Again, definitely not a fan of Hillary, but some of her Pantsuits had YEARS more experience in many significant areas (I can’t believe I’m defending her) than Obama. He never held a real job and was a one term State Senator before being elected to the U.S. Senate where he barely spent enough time to learn where the bathroom was let alone run for President of the U.S. Again, not a fan of either, but let’s be honest.

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