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John Deosdark
Aug 29 · 7 min read

Merge Flowers Vs Zombies Hack on Android and iOS

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Plants vs zombies came to me by accident. I had an EA Access subscription and decided I would try. I’ll play a few games, see what it looks like, and get back to more interesting things. Since the original plants vs zombies are, in my opinion, classics of the genre, I could give a chance to something new in this world. So what if I don’t like multiplayer games. The upshot was that after another month of almost every day playing production team PopCap. There’s something magical about this game that draws to the fun even skeptics like multiplayer skirmishes like me. There’s no single, there’s not even a ton of unlockable stuff that could draw me to the fun. And yet I played and could not stop.

It’s hard for me to say what decided the big success of Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare. Modes no specially or unusually original. To unlock, so that nothing (not counting skins on characters that are only a visual change), and co-op is a traditional Horde. This, perhaps, in this case, the climate? It is warm. The fact that the world of plants against zombies is unique enough that even small gameplay mechanisms give great pleasure, because they are accompanied by a charming view of plants and zombies. In my opinion, the success decided something else. It’s balance. In Garden Warfare, everything is in its place. This game is like a great dish consisting of several proven ingredients. Success, however, is in proportion. From this also arose my fears about continuation of. Here, the idea of bigger, better, more badass, doesn’t necessarily have to check out, because it will upset the perfect balance.

Current events
Before developers was then a big problem. If managed? Slowly, let’s start over. The first change that catches the eye is the menu. Now instead of a few options to choose from, we have a pretty big map. Most of the time we are only interested in a small part of it-the garden. One refers to plants, the second to zombies. The disadvantage of this solution is that it takes more time to choose the options we are interested in at the moment. To begin with, you should also take a minute to remember what’s where. Despite the fact that all checked, everything is good, because it allows you to screw even stronger in the gameplay. Many options, such as statistics, are also very nicely presented and more readable than the standard menu. Nothing also prevents you from jumping out of your garden and entering an area where multiple AI-controlled opponents will always be destroyed.

The creators especially are not informed, but in Merge Flowers Vs Zombies Cheats has a single player mode. Playing for plants or zombies, you can play a few “chapters”. Each quest is assigned to a different character. The problem is that the mission is always only a few (a total of about a dozen on each side) and serve only as an additional entertainment, not a mode that can defend itself. The problem very often lies in repelling several waves of enemies (the action moved then to the cards with multi) or performance of simple actions in the town, which houses the bases of both factions. It turns out then that this network is quite large, but it does not change the fact that single player is only a small addition. It makes absolutely no sense to buy games for him. In several missions, the developers have increased a little, but it is relatively small. Without a doubt, this is not a full-fledged single-player campaign.

But that’s not the end of the news. Much has changed how to develop a character. In the first Merge bFlowers Vs Zombies Hack, each of them had several more or less challenging tasks. Filling them will lead to an increase. This time plants and zombies will level up, defeating opponents. Getting new levels, it is also a significantly larger number of items to unlock. When playing with other players, you see that if someone only touches to decorate their hero, it’s almost impossible to find a DoppelgangeR. Alignment can also unlock updates. They increase the overall abilities of the character (for example, faster recovery of health) or improve any of the three abilities. Each of the characters need, of course, to develop separately. Getting all of this will of course take a huge amount of time. In this regard, in Garden Warfare 2 made a huge leap forward.

Now the last big change, that is new characters. Each side received three. I liked IMP (zombies) and lemons (plants). One other play, I’m already well into beta testing. With the others it varied. In isolated cases after the first match there was absolutely no desire to continue playing this hero. During the next skirmishes saw, however, that other players was very well with these characters. More plants and zombies to choose from forced unlike the first Garden Warfare this time some classes will not please everyone. So it was, for example, in my case, but who knows, maybe in the future it will change. In the previous part, I was quickly able to learn the style of each character. I had bigger problems this time. Another thing is sometimes chaos on the battlefield. There are so many different characters that with multiple skills, it’s hard to keep track of what’s going on.

You shoot and they don’t die
My biggest problem with Garden Warfare 2, which drew attention to the fact, by the way, the beta is the mechanics of shooting. This time, to kill the enemy, you need to shoot it for a long time. I have never been a supporter of such a decision, and the new game of the PopCap team has changed little in this matter. I just don’t like the idea of seeing an opponent and shooting at them, and before they finally collapse, someone else has time to beat me. Of course, over time you will be able to unlock new improvements that slightly improve the situation. Somehow it doesn’t get to me. I’ve been playing a lot of Titanfall lately. I know it’s something completely different, but in production Respawn Entertainment system fits me perfectly. It doesn’t matter whether I was at the first or last character level, I never felt cheated because my character is too weak. It all depends mainly on the skill.

In Garden Warfare 2 the problem is unpleasant with another reason. Reloading weapons is tiring in multi and single. I shoot the enemy, and after a while, I have to wait forever to reload. It goes on too long and often ends in death. The first Merge Flowers vs Zombies Cheats was a production very affordable, giving a lot of fun to veterans and beginners. The sequel is much more of the characters and how they can improve that, initially, the results obtained are quite weak. You need to spend a little time to master everything and unlock the best abilities. Then the fun is more fun. This, however, changes the way the game is played. The first Garden Warfare was one of the most affordable multiplayer shooters. The second version is much richer, but also lose its simplicity. Now good results require more commitment to gameplay.

Big news is not visible in multiplayer mode. In principle, it is noteworthy correction, known from the first part of Gardens & Graveyards (this time it is a Battle for territory). Unfortunately, the changes have gone the wrong way. In the first Merge Flowers Vs Zombies Hack was feel atmosphere these skirmishes. The attacking zombies moved step by step forward, from one base to the next. Everyone knew that at the end there would be a final section, unique to each map. This time it’s a little different. First of all, at some stage, after the capture point need to move to a new area via teleporter. The climate shift farther and farther the line of defense a few runs. But the biggest problem is balance. There is a strong possibility that this is temporary and once the players get a bit of experience it will look different. Very rarely managed to score at least first base. As a rule, the match ended with a great victory for one of the parties. Some tried, but others already had a crushing advantage. I lacked the same struggle and the emotions associated with it.

It brilliantly showcases the visual effects. During the game found out big mistakes or falling animation. The graphics were slightly improved in terms of the first part, which was already beautiful. The design of the world also shows that all this is much more than before. Despite the fact that the number of playable characters has increased to seven on each side, in General, the characters are much more. We are not even talking about the different versions of the famous zombies or plants. News many. Much has changed, particularly in the matter of bosses. There are many of these, which is strongly seen among other things in single-user mode. Of course, it diversifies the gameplay and shows how a huge amount of work has been invested in the creation of Garden Warfare 2.

Bigger, better…?
Merge Flowers vs Zombies Cheats this game is definitely much more than the first part. But would it be better? That’s a big problem. Numerous changes and novelties-this is an undoubted advantage of the new production Studio PopCap. Not everything was properly done (for example, in single player mode), but certainly can’t estimate the scope of work that has been inserted into this product. Not escaped its unique climate. Still, not with all the changes I’m happy. The first part was perfectly balanced. Adding a lot of new characters and the mechanic made the middle ground look like it was gone. Garden Warfare 2 is still a very good product. However, I was delighted with the previous game and now I’m a bit disappointed. However, no one understood me wrong — the new plants vs. zombies is worth recommending. My concern, however, is that this is a very subjective opinion and I’m sure a lot of players won’t sign under them. However, I still believe that the first Garden Warfare-it’s making more modest, but perhaps because of this slightly better.

Merge Flowers Vs Zombies Hack

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