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Well thought out and well-meaning. But I have to point out what seems obvious to me. Regardless of the way things might work out, our country has move further and further towards polarization until we are now the Dis-united States. We are two people: progressives and obstructionists or regressives. Some embrace the future and want to affect its course and others want things as they were in the 50s. Both sides are angry. Reason has lost its appeal to so many.

Time to form a more perfect union by secession. I wish all the best to those who want to create a 50s like state, though I worry about people who live there and are subjects. I live in the Pacific West and think California, Oregon, and Washington could make a lot more progress alone than trying to influence what is tantamount to a nearly 50% large lynch mob.

We are spending energy trying to fix something that is irreconcilably broken. We need to move and the U.S. of compromise and movement is no more.

Secession of like minded states is the only answer that addresses the huge group of Trump supporter — they will not go away and will not be reasoned with. All we get by trying to change them is deadlock. It is our fault if we allow that to happen.