White People: I Want You To Understand Yourselves Better
Ijeoma Oluo

“Forced free labour” is a powerful description.

It does leave me uneasy when oppression is attributed largely to any single prejudice. Kyriarchy creates a myriad of different classes of oppression so that the oppressed fight each other instead of fighting the oppressors.

The oppression of Nineteenth-Century English mill workers under their English bosses, Taiwanese factory workers under their Japanese bosses, or PRC Chinese under their Taiwanese bosses seem to me to have been, or are, just as real as divisions in the US based on “race”.

It is also questionable whether the situation of oppressed people within the US is as bad as that of the people who do the actual manufacturing for US corporations in other places. The working and living conditions of people in Chinese sweat shops is just as much the outcome of treating people as non-existing, and very much the responsibility of at least the wholesalers who distribute the products and arguably all those who buy them as well.

Anyway, thanks for an excellent and provocative article.