Scythe Might be the Best Board Game of Our Time.
Drew Cordell

Thank you for the quick response.

It’s clear that I’m in the minority in my opinion on the game, as it is selling quite well. After two complete plays I don’t have any interest in exploring it further but I assuredly will, as it has been set up on the table prior to my arrival on Game Night twice and will likely be there again next time.

It isn’t a 4X game by any stretch in spite of Stonemaier calling it that, and I have had a hard time trying to put it in any particular category other than “Big Euro” which is about as vague as you can get. Coming from a wargame background I find it’s combat “curious” (and I don’t mean that in a good way) and really see it as an economics game. But it doesn’t fit that very well with its arbitrary rules and place-stars-on-a-table victory track . . . that’s not a victory track. It’s an odd game.

But boy oh boy does it have a following. There’s a part of me suspecting that it’s being professionally promoted.

If I could get 10% of its players to try Wings for the Baron or An Infamous Traffic I’d likely quintuple their sales, a well-deserved bump for both of them.