My Boy APK Full Version 2017 for Emulation on Android

With the advancement of technology, people have undoubtedly achieved several things that were once thought to be impossible. There are things that were once known as advanced are now updated with the fast improvements of technology. With more computing power on your smartphone now, a lot of things which were just an imagination once can now be done. If you are to understand the true power of technology, you need to focus on a few things that have really changed the definition of technology over the course of the last few years.

You need to understand that you do not always move forward with improvements. You might need improvements to see through your past. With the immense computing power, your old device on your android smartphones can even be emulated. This gives you a chance to relive the moments you once had in the past. With GBA free download, you can emulate devices like Genesis, NES and even Game Boy.

Advantage of GBA Emulator Android APK

  • It can simulate both hardware and software
  • The apps will run as it is
  • Use the GBA APK to understand if there is any bug
  • Normally they are available for free
  • Connect your device with an IDE to test your code
  • The expenses are not much


  • Normally, the Gameboy emulator Android is really slow because it has to simulate software and the hardware part
  • While using GBA emulator for Android on the mobile devices, it is really hard to keep your battery life for long and it can even affect your other apps as well.
  • If you want to use a quality GBA Android, you need to buy it and it will take the time to set up properly.
  • You might face some incompatibility issues and you might need to use patch files to keep the Android GBA emulator going.
  • It may support certain Android OS versions only

There are loads of GBA emulator for free available for you to choose from but there is no other like the “My Boy”. With this Gameboy APK, you can enjoy the best combination of customization, emulation, and connectivity on your new phone. My Boy Advance has tried to eliminate all the disadvantages that the other Gameboy emulator for android has and has tried to start a new era of emulation.

There are plenty of GBA emulator free that are available to this day in Play Store and My Boy APK is one of them. My Boy free GBA Emulator can easily simulate almost every GBA ROM. But apart from that, it has also a few features that are pretty much amazing and matches the standards of the Visual Boy Advance APK for Windows. My Boy GBA Emulator APK allows you to save your game and load them as you wish. But not only that, you can now control the speed of My Boy Emulator games and the frame rate as well. Although some people would tell you that this is a kind of cheating, but to be honest, this can save you a lot of time if you have a long story to skip or need to slow down the game for a particular level.

By using this app, you can connect 2 devices with Bluetooth and enjoy this feature while playing multiplayer games with your friends.

If you have been using Game Boy Advance APK for long, you must have encountered the battery issue while using them. My Boy APK download tries to save your battery as much as possible. Also, the sensors used by this app can be turned off manually after you are done with the app. This will ensure that you save some amount of battery life when you are not using the My Boy full version APK.

You can customize the controls of My GBA Emulator by changing the size of the buttons, the locations of the buttons and much more. Also, if you wish to use 2 buttons simultaneously, just turn on a special option from the settings that will allow you to use the space between 2 buttons that will trigger both the buttons. This can be really a good option to use in case you are trying to play an arcade game on your Android phone.

Also, this Gameboy Emulator APK brings a touch interesting feature for the game players. Normally, several My Boy games download won’t allow you to play with cheats. But this emulator can support all kinds of cheat files, hence it can be a great fun playing a hard game with cheats and going through the levels.

My Boy APK full version can be purchased from play store by spending 4.99$. If you do not want to purchase a full version, there is a free version as well. But, with the free version, you will not be able to use several features like loading and saving a game. Both the versions are available on Play Store and on third party websites and you can download GBA emulator from one of them and start enjoying the old wine in a new bottle altogether.

My Boy Installation

To use My Boy Pro APK on your Android device the first step is to get it on your device. You can get it done automatically or install it manually.

  1. Automatic Installation
  2. You need to register an account on Play Store and log on.
  3. Find My Boy download APK.
  4. After the download is finished the app will be installed automatically.
  5. Manual Installation
  6. The first is to set up your Android device for the installation.
  7. Under the settings option on your device, find the option “Applications”. Click on it.
  8. Tick the box that says “Unknown sources”. This will enable you to install files from unauthorized sources.
  9. After this is done, go to any third party website and download My Boy premium on your Android device.
  10. Now click the My Boy full APK file after your download is done.
  11. An option to install will appear. Click the option and wait.
  12. After the installation is complete, access the app from the list of the applications.

Important features of My Game Boy Free

High-End Emulation

Well, if you research online, you can surely understand why download My Boy APK has taken its place in the list of best emulators. This has every important feature that an emulator should have. It has a great compatibility. It can play any game which has FPS as low as 60. It can run My Boy free games on medium performance devices as well.

Well, according to the developers, this app does not really take up as much battery as it should take. And with the market reviews available from its users, you can surely believe their word.

The My Boy free download can emulate your BIOS, so you don’t have to look for an alternative just to make sure it has the right BIOS environment to run the game.

If you go through the settings of the emulator, there are options to customize the layout, transparency, size and the button customization as well.

You can also control your IME, if you want to emulate something that will require hardware functionalities. The only problem with the free version is that you cannot save enough emulation, but save it only inside the game.

Paid Version

Well, if you want to use the full version, you will need to pay a little amount of remuneration. It will cost you $5 but it is surely worth it because the features you get are really amazing.

The most important feature that comes with the paid version is the cross-play option. With this option, you can connect another device with a cable and can share data through Bluetooth. Also, this is an important feature, if you consider the fact that you get to play in multiplayer mode.

For some gamers, this is an amazing feature. Say, you are playing Pokemon games and you want to trade Pokemons. This can now be done successfully with the use of APK My Boy. You can also use this feature to change the battle scenarios. Although players have asked for this feature for a long time now, this feature was included in the latest update and hence has turned out to be a surprising feature for the gamers.

While playing My Boy games free download on this app, just remember one thing: you can play multiplayer games, but you need to have similar kinds of ROM in both the devices.

In short, the following additional features are available if you buy My Boy Android:

  • No advertisements
  • Multiple slots to save your games and load them when you would like to.
  • Fast-forward speeds up to 16X.
  • Add multiple lines of cheat codes in one cheat
  • Access the motion sensor of your Android device to emulate any sort of gyroscopic action involved in the game.
  • Use My Boy free APK as a server and connect other devices to play multiplayer games.

Features to remember:

  • Super-fast emulation gives your battery much better life compared to the other emulators
  • Game compatibility is very high and can run games that have lower FPS requirements as well.
  • Access other devices using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity, or use a cable.
  • Can use the gyroscopic sensor on your Android device which is extraordinary for an emulator.
  • Use any kind of game cheat file and My Free Boy will accept them. The best part of this feature is that cheats can be used whenever you need even while the game is running.
  • Have BIOS simulation which gives you the control of the hardware.
  • It enables you to emulate UPS/IPS ROM.
  • The graphical rendering is good even though your device does not have any separate GPU.
  • My Boy App supports GLSL shaders to filter the video outputs.
  • Fast-forward option to skip the stories and also slow the game speed in certain levels which you are finding a bit difficult to beat.
  • Comes with on-screen keyboard settings with shortcuts for saving or loading games.
  • The layout editor is really good. You can customize the position of the layout, the size, and even the on-screen control buttons as well. The game videos can even be controlled.
  • Use external controllers like MOGA.
  • The design is simple and yet efficient interface. Use this app on your latest Android device.
  • Create different sets of key settings, which can be changed according to your need.
  • Create shortcuts of your favorite games and save them on your home screen to launch quickly.

Final Thoughts

Well, My Boy emulator APK has quite a lot of positives. It eliminates almost every single disadvantage that other emulators have; it can take care of your battery power, you can use it on any device, it can emulate almost every game, battle it out on multiplayer modes with your friends and so on. Yes! These points are really good enough to almost convince you to buy the app, but then again think twice as $5 is a really high price for an app. Consider whether you really need the emulator and what you are going to do with this app.

You need to understand whether the app will be of any use for you or you just need it to play games. If the second point is valid, then you might find the free version of the app adequate, but if you want to do something better than just playing old games on your new Android phone, then you surely should buy this app and start using it today.

If you are having trouble to figure out how to install the app manually, it will be better to go for the automatic installation. Just visit the Play Store and you are done. And now you can enjoy the lists of games and apps on your new Android device.

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