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If companies and nations are going to introduce pandemic management strategies it is important to understand the source and nature of coronaviruses. There is plenty of data available but very little global agreement amongst people we all trust to know the solution. Unfortunately, you cannot manage something you do not understand.

Hopefully, this article will contribute to a greater understanding by encouraging readers to think outside the box.

I believe we are at a stage now where we can agree humans are the host of the COVID-19 virus and are responsible for one of the main methods of spreading the virus. …

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Premise on which this article is based:

· The current COVID-19 will end when a vaccine to stop the spread of the virus is developed

· The brightest minds in the world are working on a vaccine and they will succeed very soon

· Once a vaccine is developed there will be a huge logistic exercise to vaccinate populations

· For fast economic recovery there must be consumer confidence

· The resumption of economic activity is essential to avoid global recession, or worse

· Customer facing businesses must have their workforce immunised to claim COVD-19 free status

· Proven workforce immunisation is critical for the resumption of economic…

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After ten years of Blockchain evolution we are now approaching generation 5.0 and that generation is an interesting adoption point for HR.

This article describes a new HR technology architecture that takes advantage of both the current Cloud platform and the new Blockchain platform that takes advantage of Edge technology. The current generation of HR legacy systems cannot run at the Edge to take advantage of lower costs and greater efficiency, but new digital blockchain applications can run on the Cloud or at the Edge and the immediate solution for HR tech is a cross-platform, or hybrid architecture.

A Brief Background to Blockchain Maturity

Blockchain 1.0 first emerged around 2009 and was all about Bitcoin, crypto currencies and the promise of massive fortunes to be made by trading in the currencies using a rarely understood technology. …


John Macy is a thought leader in Blockchain & HR technology & has written several books & consulted to clients worldwide for over two decades

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