CET adds Vaccination Status to its’ Global Workforce Blockchain

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Premise on which this article is based:

· The current COVID-19 will end when a vaccine to stop the spread of the virus is developed

· The brightest minds in the world are working on a vaccine and they will succeed very soon

· Once a vaccine is developed there will be a huge logistic exercise to vaccinate populations

· For fast economic recovery there must be consumer confidence

· The resumption of economic activity is essential to avoid global recession, or worse

· Customer facing businesses must have their workforce immunised to claim COVD-19 free status

· Proven workforce immunisation is critical for the resumption of economic activity

· Blockchain technology offers immutable verification of vaccination claims

In preparation for the post-corona era, Competitive Edge Technology have added a new credential to their list of employee owned blockchain data. Along with private identifiable data, bank details, superannuation (pension), education, etc. CET is now adding vaccination status to its integrated blockchain database.

COVID-19 will not disappear overnight — a vaccine is needed

The world has taken drastic action to contain the spread of COVID-19 by closing down economic and social activity, but that is not sustainable: Nor, is the eradication of the virus in the short term. It is still uncertain how it is spread and whether human-to-human is the only way. Even, if the virus is miraculously reduced through current measures in the major countries we may still be calling today’s experience COVID-19 ROUND ONE. The virus could flare up again as northern and southern hemispheres rotate between summer and winter and pockets of the virus still exist in some countries currently flying under the radar. We can expect a fall in instances in the northern hemisphere as the warmer weather kicks in and isolation measures takes affect: But, it will not disappear altogether until a vaccine is developed to successfully prevent the virus. Without a vaccine we could experience a COVID-19 ROUND TWO.

A vaccine to prevent the virus spread will happen — get ready

We know there are existing drugs that claim to kill the virus and it is only a matter of time before a vaccine is developed to prevent a person from catching the virus. The challenge now is to develop strategies to manage the workforce in the post-corona era and make a fast global economic recovery. That is critical and must be carefully managed. Blockchain technology has a role to play in the vaccination monitoring process

The hypothetical vaccination process

Let us assume a vaccine passes medical trials and is available in the next few months. The last thing that must not be allowed to happen is for countries to let down their guard and re-start social activities resume immediately. The population will need to be vaccinated before that can happen, and the vaccination process should start with the workforce first. Of course, that will need to be done in an orderly manner, without the kind of panic we have seen in supermarkets, and industries must be prioritised: For example, health care industry and emergency workers first.

Because of all the global travel, trade and tourism economic activity involving physical movement between countries there will still need to be strict border controls and confirmation of vaccination for non-workforce members. That is a challenge for the World Health Organization and governments, but the same technology solution applies.

Vaccination verification process

Workforce vaccination claims should be subject to electronic credentials checking, along with education, past experience, skills, criminal checks, etc.

Company owners and investors will want to know what risk their companies are exposed to if a COVID-19 ROUND TWO kicks in. There must be:

(1) full immunisation of their workforce, and

(2) certainty that vaccination claims have been verified.

That is where blockchain kicks in. It is so easy to falsify records in the modern era and that is why the immutable capabilities of blockchain is so important. Eventually, there could be integration with country health records but that will take time before standards can be developed and data integration can take place.

HR strategy starts with workforce vaccination data

Hopefully, the world has learned lessons during the COVID-19 pandemic and companies will take the opportunity to develop what-if scenarios in case a similar situation arises such as COVID-19 ROUND TWO.

From an HR technology perspective, unless the vaccination data is integrated to a company data platform, at the onboarding or pre-employment phase, the vaccine information would be not be reliable. Visual checks of another government or medical application would introduce a human verification process and would not be acceptable.

Commercially, when a vaccine is available and the mass vaccination process starts, companies claiming full workforce vaccination could claim a “COVID-19 FREE WORKPLACE” status and that would be a huge competitive advantage: Especially for restaurants, clubs, etc.

CET’s pro-active strategy

CET is hoping their global workforce blockchain can be rolled out in the next couple of months before the vaccine is widely available so policies and procedures can be put in place to capture vaccination data immediately and companies can get back to a new form of normality, secure in the knowledge their workforce will not be spreading the virus to their colleagues, customers, or the wider community.

John Macy is a thought leader in Blockchain & HR technology & has written several books & consulted to clients worldwide for over two decades

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