Six Benefits Of Buying Meat Online

Summary: People who find meat shopping a daunting task should consider buying meat online. Compared to supermarkets and other meat shops, online meat stores offer a range of benefits.

People around the world are exploring the benefits of online shopping. With the advancement of technology, now you can buy fresh grass-fed meat, beef, lamb, pork, chicken and other types of meat online. After all, once you know various incentives to buy beef online in Queensland, you will also start considering this option. While most online meat shops deliver good quality meat right at your doorstep, there is no reason to personally visit your local meat shop or supermarket.

Mentioned below are key motives for changing the way you buy your beef:

Buying grass-fed beef online

Several studies have proven that grass-fed animals are better than grain-fed animals for several reasons. After all, grass-fed cows can graze natural pastures freely, which allow them to live a healthier, happier life. As a result, they become the source of more nutritious meat that contains a rich source of essential fatty acids such as Omega 3 and CLA. Besides, they are the source of essential vitamins A, D, E, and K. However; it is not possible to find grass-fed meat. Thankfully, you can now order grass-fed beef from the online butcher who will deliver the meat at your home.

Reducing your carbon footprint

If you buy beef from the supermarket, you may have to forego intensively farmed and shipped meat due to the complex and lengthy process where a cow is moved up to four times. On the contrary, online meat stores source beef from local farms and deliver it straight to your door. Hence, there is no question of middlemen or lengthy distribution process. The entire process helps to minimise the carbon footprint on the environment.


Since online butcher stores eliminate the requirements of middlemen, they can save a good amount of money. Therefore, they can sell meat online at a lower cost compared to other stores. Moreover, once you buy wholesale meats in Queensland from an online butcher, you are more likely to save more money from your monthly meat shopping.

Fresh is best

Most online meat stores tend to butcher beef only when an order is placed. Unlike supermarkets, they don’t butcher animal ahead of placing the order. After that, these online stores deliver the meat in refrigerated boxes secured by eco-friendly an insulation process. This process assures the freshness of the meat.

Locally reared beef over imported beef

Most online meat stores are linked to local farms where cows are born and reared locally. As a result, the butchers know where your food comes from and where it eats. The quality and taste of locally raised beef are unquestionable over imported beef as online butchers are careful about the quality of meat they deliver to their customers.

Dry-hung beef

You cannot expect to find 28-day dry-hung beef in supermarkets as all they want is the water content to add to the maximum weight of the beef. However, some online stores offer dry-hung beef, which allows enzymes to break down muscle fibres. This way, they can provide perfectly tender meat with a beautifully rich flavour.