Monday Morning Quarterback (8/10/16)

A wrap up of the past week in Sports & Entertainment
Ben Simmons Sitting Season Out After Injury?

The number 1 NBA draft pick, Ben Simmons underwent successful surgery last Tuesday to repair an acute Jones fracture in his right foot. The same injury that plagued Kevin Durant in 2104. Apparently Ben Simmons’ agent (Rich Paul) is on the record saying that he will advise Simmons to sit out the entire year instead of playing for the meddling Sixers and make sure he has the appropriate time to recover and not jeopardize the young stars’ future.

Derrick Rose Rape Trial

Trial began last Tuesday with voire dire, otherwise known colloquially as jury selection. Roses’ lawyer argued the process was unfair in regards to the racial and ethnic makeup of the prospective pool of jurors, noting only two were African-American, which the defendants are. They also noted that 15 of the first 27 jurors had Hispanic surnames, as does their accuser. The judge simply responded that it was “tough luck” circumstances since he noted jury selection was followed out correctly.

The woman, for now known as Jane Doe, had wanted to remain anonymous as to avoid being harassed online and to avoid her parents, who she maintains are conservative, from finding out. However, the Judge is requiring her to reveal her identity because he said it might appear he was protecting her and jurors might assume he believed her, which could hurt the defense.

Maria Sharapova Suspension Reduced

Sharapova had her two year suspension reduced by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) by nine months, which will puts Sharapova’s return to tennis in April 2017. The ruling comes down since the arbitration court found that Sharapova did not intentionally dope to gain a competitive advantage rather, they determined that Sharapova was negligent in not fully investigating the fact that a drug she was ingesting was a banned substance.

Sharapova’s Agents Take the Blame

This comes with the territory of the position and is part of an agent’s job — to do whatever is legally permissible to act in the best interests of the athlete. Obviously this helps fit that definition since it mitigates fault on Sharapova and allows her to return to her sport, for which they represent her. Sharapova is represented by IMG, the sports arm of WME and it looks like she continues to be.

Sharapova’s sponsors have stuck by her and said that they are happy to learn she had her ban reduced and thrilled that they stuck by her and are thrilled to continue to have a thriving relationship.

Gigi Hadid Reebok Deal

Reebok, the Adidas owned company signed Hadid, 21, to its #PerfectNever campaign which launched earlier this summer with UFC superstar Ronda Rousey. This marks the first fitness contract for the 21 year old model.

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