Waves launches balance leasing in lite client

f you are looking for 100% share back and leasing your waves,

Please lease your waves with us.

Why Leasing?:
When you lease waves to us, we ‘ll able run as full node and get more waves (as transaction fees) and we’ll distribute that profit to our leasers as per their share
leasing is safe, you can cancel it anytime, lease doesn’t mean transfer or lend. we will not be able spend your waves.
its 100% safe

Lease Waves Address:


– 100% share back whatever we’ll earn
– 99.9% uptime on server and dedicated server
– Transparent and everything is clear
– No registration needed
– Weekly payment!

Payment schedule:
– Waves Fees: 100% distributed back to you (we keep 0%)
– MRT (Miners’ Reward Token): 100% distributed to you (we keep 0%)
– Other Tokens: 100% distributed to you
– Mid next year we may start charging just 0.5% or 1%
– Get 120% extra for limited time

Minimum amount of Waves:
There is no minimum amount of Waves you can lease. But you get only a payment if you have at least 0.001 Waves.

How to lease Waves:
Go to your Waves wallet (Lite Client) and open the leasing tab and enter the following address and amount of waves you want to lease


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