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I’m excited to announce that today we launched Unfold, a new company in the vertical farming industry, that will help bring fresher and more sustainable produce to market. Unfold is made possible by significant investments by Leaps by Bayer and Temasek. Having spent the last several years at Bayer Crop Science as Head of Vegetables R&D along with my career-long work exploring cutting edge agricultural technologies, this role as CEO and President of Unfold couldn’t feel like a more perfect match.

Our mission is clear — to improve the food ecosystem as we help farm operators and retailers deliver on the promise of vertical farming. As the first and only company with unparalleled assets to unlock the genetic components of vertical farming, Unfold has a greenfield opportunity within the industry to drive its continued growth and success. While vertical farming has tremendous potential, it has lacked the power of seeds and digital solutions developed specifically for this sector. Enter Unfold, which offers a unique value proposition to unlock the true potential for vertical farms/farmers, the retail industry, and consumers. …


John Purcell

President & CEO

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