If Corbyn wins? We stay, and we fight
Rob Francis

When the leadership election was called I thought I would probably vote for Owen Smith. I listened to both candidates, and Jeremy seemed to me to be more coherent and consistent. Owen spends far too much time accusing people of things. The idea of fighting an election on the basis of staying in or rejoining the EU, desirable though remaining might be, looks far more like electoral suicide than any of Jeremy’s policies.

Of the two candidates available Jeremy has in my view run the better campaign by some distance so I voted for him.

If we assume he is going to win, what everyone in the Labour Party , particularly the PLP needs to do is focus on opposing the Tories, not each other, and developing and presenting policies that would improve people’s lives. That is the way to get re-elected. In this process there will be opportunities for MPs to demonstrate their leadership qualities so next time there is a contest there are well known and high quality candidates to choose from.

I am sure the Corbyn leadership team contributed to the unhappiness in the PLP, but Jeremy has shown willingness to learn and improve. Labour MPs need to try again and, even if they find it difficult stop the anti-Corbyn briefing.