(Minos thinks a minute) DAEDALUS GET YOUR ASS IN HERE
(enters) sup sire
You see my new son
Yes sir he’s very cute
(Minos points to hollow horse statue)
What the hell man
Oh welllll…(laughs) just…

All of you jumping down Scorsese’s throat for speaking the truth: where are you when actual innovative films that need your support go under? Why do films that gross billions need you to defend them?

People who want Marvel movies to be called real movies:

1. Don’t ever tell me to “turn off my mind, it’s just fun” when I point out their flaws. If it’s a real film it can handle criticism like any real film.

2. Does it occur to you that largely they do no more than IMITATE real movies? WINTER SOLDIER knocks off from THREE DAYS…

When the criminal part is operant, you could say Trump has a kind of high cunning. Like any good mobster, he knew to get Mikey to dip his hands in the blood too.

Really clever of Trump to taint the GOP’s backup Normal Republican this way. He ensured Pence was part of the same plot, so they don’t dare help impeach unless they’re willing to lose the whole office.

To Nancy Pelosi. Who’s in the line of succession after Pence.
Seriously, if they’d had any sense they’d have at least made sure Pence was involved in no Trump decisions at…

Collage by John L. Roberson

As you probably know, the orange cancer beast Trump, despite having shut down the government over his wall, and so no longer issuing earned pay to federal workers all across America, expects most of them to work anyway.

Stephen Mnuchin was asked for slaves to process returns and loans by the mortgage industry. And they got ‘em!

TSA workers, never in the ideal stress environment to begin with, also are required to work without pay.

Many are facing evictions because they now haven’t got the money for rent. But have to work anyway. Some…

Saw Aquaman. I like it.


A couple problems I have with it. The first is: As is often the case with Marvel villains too (see: Killmonger) Orm has a point. Why SHOULDN’T he return all the garbage in the oceans to the surface world?

Another question: Throughout the film we see them swimming effortlessly through water, even at great depths and high pressures, without kicking their legs. Or moving their arms. (Patrick Wilson, very late in the film, starts moving that way in a small room, but it’s rarely noticeable)

Even once. And they go FAST.

Um. What…

So, after the end of IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE, you know George would still go to jail, right? I mean, just because George got the same town he’d stolen the money from to give him more doesn’t change federal bank regulations.

WHAT? screamed George as they dragged him away.

“Fucking Clarence,” George muttered during the daily sodomy. “Fucking fucking angels.” Then at night he would scream “YOU USED ME FOR YOUR GODDAMN WINGS!” till his cellmate beat him to sleep. They all thought he was insane. But he was fine to pass around for cigarettes. And his stutter only got worse and worse each day.

When no one…

So, imagine it’s four days before Christmas and you hear something like this about your nation when you turn on your TV:

“Good evening. This is the news. The USSR no longer exists…’”

From the news. The news, telling you everything you know has ended, just like that.

And then think about Putin, and why he might desire revenge.

And the Bond villain scale his revenge would take.

If you think it’s too much to imagine Putin would actually want to break up the United States and remove its superpower status(and isn’t this how HUNGER GAMES begins?) you’re forgetting we’ve…

So a couple of years back, A Moment of Cerebus (to which I contributed an appreciation of Sim once) announced this neat idea of a special edition-type thing with CEREBUS 1–25 redrawn by various artists. Partly inspired by the fact that(much like my first gn VITRIOL looks fucking horrid, assuming I’ve improved anyway) much of the beginning, though much of it is funny as hell, looks terrible. Personally I don’t think the book looks good till the second appearance of the Roach (around issue 12), and then the quality amps up very quickly from there. Must have been the acid.

…or certainly it was considered an amusing idea, based on the cumulative evidence of their films, ads and TV. Here’s a startlingly glaring example: the “button defense” scene in HOW TO MURDER YOUR WIFE.

The most reprehensible scene in one of the most misogynist films of a period when wanting your wife dead was considered an understandable foible. HE GETS OFF A CHARGE OF 1st-DEGREE MURDER because he — a cartoonist by the way, which really gets up my nose — proves that any man if he could do it would try to do the same and why not? If…

John L. Roberson

John L. Roberson is a cartoonist & writer, creator of SUZY SPREADWELL, LULU, VLADRUSHKA, & other word & picture things. Follow him on Twitter at @jlr_1969.

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