“Gross National Happiness Is a Lie”: Oakland’s Bhutanese Refugees Speak Out
Jason Ditzian

After I read your article, I did a bit of reading. From articles I read, there are reasons that this happened.

In 1975, Sikkim was made a state of India. The king was made exiled in US. While the exact sequence and maneuvering differ from different sides, there is a general perception that India played a major role, sizable pro-India population were moved there before referendum and large Indian troop were stationed there. This alarmed Bhutan as it has a open border with India and there were a large number of people of Nepalese decent. Fearing Bhutan could become another Sikkim, it started this ethnic cleansing described in your article.

The part I don’t understand is that why India or Nepal didn’t help this group.

If what I read is true,

  • Did Bhutan did it as a self defense move?
  • If Sikkim did not get absorbed by India, would this not happen?
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