#Qanon For Dummies

Since Roseanne Barr mentioned #Qanon after her show reached 23 million viewers, the MSM has decided to chime in and as expected, they immediately dismissed it. I understand their dismissal. They did the same with #Pizzagate, refusing to dig into until a lone gunman was so angry he put a bullet in the floor of a pizza parlor. That was deemed so dangerous that they refused to actually look into the deeper claims, and mentioned the fringe claims which they could easily toss aside. Investigative journalism died.

#Qanon is not #pizzagate. While pizzagate focused on keywords in John Podesta’s emails, #Qanon focuses worldwide and deals with various corruptions as well as a worldwide network of sex trafficking. It’s not difficult to follow, but unless you’re a news junkie or someone that likes to do a lot of independent research, you might have difficulty understanding it all. I will give a brief guide to make it easy to jump into and answer a few common questions or misconceptions that the MSM seems to make in every single article.

  1. Who is Q?

The simple answer is it doesn’t matter. They say, and I say they because it is a group of people, that they are a group that is close to the President. The intelligence isn’t what most would considered traditional leaks. There’s no memos, there’s no classified documents, only questions and short statements. The questions are in the Socratic Method, which forces the reader to search for the information themselves. That’s right, the information is available in the public sphere. Q simply directs the reader via question. This is a unique way to drop intelligence. Since the “fake news” is mixing truth with misleading information or omission of information, having readers looking for specific information in the news, you can make connections that are left out, or through multiple sources, piece together a story that isn’t being told in its entirety.

2. How can you tell they are real?

Early on, Q setup a system of markers. There would be a time between messages that would correspond to tweets by Trump. They would always start with Q and then Trump. Anyone could fake a message AFTER Trump tweeted, but it’s much more difficult to do so beforehand. Certain words and phrases would be used by Q and then by Trump. Never the other way around. I could spend hours listing every instance, but if you take the time to read Q since he started posting in October until recently, and compare them to Trump’s tweets on the same days and times, you’ll find out quickly that it’s not fake.

3. Did Q predict John Podesta, Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin would be arrested?

Before anyone knew who they were, Q posted dates about the indictment and arrest of John Podesta, Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin. Of course the MSM wants to use these first few posts to immediately discredit the whole thing, but you have to take into consideration why Q initially picked 4chan and specifically /pol/ to launch this operation. If you were worried about the deep state and had a leaky White House, how would you setup secure comms? Would you think to setup in an anonymous board filled with trolls and people that questioned everything? By using dates and specific names, they setup internal communications amongst themselves, which also explains why some of the messages don’t make sense and research only leads to dead ends. So yes, the first few posts contained predictions that obviously didn’t come true, but only if you believe they are predictions. The MSM believes that’s enough to dismiss it, so it’s obviously a good tactic to throw someone off your scent.

4. Why is Q on 4chan?

As I said above, for cover, but he’s not on 4chan anymore. After a few months, the deep state did catch on and gained entry to people/information so the location was changed to 8chan. I find it interesting that all of the recent MSM articles mentioning Q still refer to 4chan instead of 8chan. Are they trying to keep people away? Or are they trying to lead curious people to 4chan that is compromised and will give them misleading information?

5. What has Q predicted?

Directly and openly, nothing. Everything that Q mentions is something you can find in past or current information. There are usually a few keywords that if you were able to put together, it would reveal a future event, but you’d have to be in the intelligence field to really decipher it. For the normal readers, you can get a general idea of what could be coming, but a favorite saying of Q is “Future proves past.” After the event, you can see where the connections are. Here’s a graphic that an anon put together that demonstrates this with the Hawaii Warning.

The predictive nature wasn’t going to be figured out beforehand, which is why I do not considered it a prediction. I believe it was communication between the team so that they were ready. In later messages, they knew hawaii was going to happen and it was necessary for the warning to go off. Remember Edward Snowden? He took the data from Hickam Airforce in 2013. There is an NSA database there and that warning signaled the BDT or Bulk Data Transfer from that base to the continental United States. Can you wonder why that would be a good thing?

6. Why would Q need trolls on 8chan to solve whatever this is?

He doesn’t. We aren’t here to solve anything. We get to play along and see what’s happening in real time. It teaches people to pay closer attention to the news and look for corruption ourselves. Q told us we are being used to redpill our friends and family. If all of this turns out to be true, there will be some scared people out there. Anytime corruption is exposed, people panic. Remember Watergate? Trust in government is at a low, so we’re just spreading what we find out to those we love. It’s been spreading beyond that now and if you’re reading this, you are on your way to finding out for yourself.

7. Who can I follow or trust to give me good information about Q drops?

The entire premise behind Q is that information you research and discover for yourself will be much more truthful and meaningful than information given to you by someone else. There are many sources and I recommend finding them and going through their interpretations yourself. You’ll either agree or disagree on your own. The Socratic method is used in classrooms to teach critical thinking. You have to decide what information to trust. The media wants you to blindly accept what they print or say on TV. Break that habit and find the truth on your own. If that is all Q accomplishes, the United States will be in a better place.

8. If I can only read one Q drop, what would it be?

You, the PEOPLE, have THE POWER.
You, the PEOPLE, just forgot how to PLAY.
APART you are weak.

Good luck from a fellow anon!