Quantex, Modulus, and Changing The Face of Finance with our Joint Venture

Just over a week ago, Quantex announced its joint venture with Modulus. It was the first step towards the launch of our institutional quality, digital asset liquidity enablement business, and we will be coming out with much more news in the near future.

The number and variety of parties we have spoken to since then has been incredible. From regulators, securities exchanges, to banks, and every form of participant in the existing blockchain ecosystem. We look forward to working with all of you, and we are excited to be able to bring the tools to this ecosystem that will help it make the next leap in adoption and growth.

Auspiciously, October 31st was also the 10th anniversary of the publication of the original Bitcoin white paper. In just 10 short years, this technological breakthrough has become the base for an entirely new asset class and economy. It has attracted the attention of people from all walks of life and background, united in taking the tools it has created to rethink, redesign, and rebuild how industries work.

We felt this was the perfect time to announce what we’ve been working on with our JV partner Modulus, as the needs of the market have also changed significantly in that time, and we are focused on the answers that will bring the next wave of growth into the digital asset economy.

Quantex was created because of the burgeoning interest in accessing digital assets by professionals and institutions who were hampered from doing so due to a dearth of quality service providers in this space. Few people appreciate the significance of this issue for not only the institutions, but for all other parts of the ecosystem as well. In order to make digital assets as broadly accessible and adopted as possible, it is necessary to be able to integrate them into the existing financial services universe to make it as seamless as possible to transport value and services between them.

We live in a world where both the existing, and new digitized asset economies need to be interoperable, and Quantex, is focused on creating that interoperability. That means bringing digital asset products into existing, recognized and broadly accepted regulation.

The initial wave of interoperability is already here with the popularization of security tokens, which combine the legal status and recognition of securities, with the benefits for cost, liquidity, transparency, and asset transmission enabled by blockchain.

Thus, our forthcoming exchange is seeking securities exchange-level status as an MTF under MiFID II regulations in Europe. We want security tokens as well as classical digital assets such as Bitcoin to be traded on a platform that offers all the investor protections of any other world class asset exchange.

That also means making sure that the software is up to such a demanding task, which is precisely why we chose to establish our joint venture with Modulus, who has served leading clients in financial services since 1997, and knows how important it is for the software to be capable of supporting the business built on top.

Combined, we have the capabilities to execute on our plans for infrastructure to support this interoperability as well. We are bringing a suite of robust, resilient, and performant industry backbone systems which will underpin transactions and value exchange.

We will be releasing our product roadmap soon. As 2019 begins, and the first JV products roll out, we will be able to bring our ecosystem partners the tools for them to power their own paths towards robust, resilient, and high performance financial services with digital assets. We welcome new partners to reach out to us to get an inside look at what’s coming, and the way we can change finance together.