How a Strong Sense of Adventure Can Lead to Success in the Digital Age

As I’ve just returned from my incredible week at Burning Man, filled with memories to last a lifetime, I can’t help but think about how my adventurous side is probably one of my most valuable assets when it comes to my success as a young entrepreneur.

Growing up, I’ve always been quite the adventurer and have gotten most of my inspiration from adventurous leaders, such as Richard Branson. He was able to turn his thirst for a thrill into endless opportunities, which I also see within myself. I am constantly searching for new adventures to further challenge and develop myself as a person, and this translates to my approach as a business leader.

We see it happen all too often when business leaders become complacent and stop innovating. This is mistake number one when it comes to leadership. We must constantly innovate with new technology in order to remain ahead of the game compared to competitors.

As an adventurous person, I love searching for new technologies to test out, which is what I believe has been a major part of our success as an online retailer. Technology is rapidly changing and we, as leaders, must keep up with these changes by being adventurous with our decisions.

Those who fail to innovate are unlikely to succeed in the digital era that we are in. AI is about to take over many tasks and the companies that are not technologically prepared may not have an easy road ahead of them. We need to be adventurous with our technological choices in order to strategically digitally transform the industry.

Here are some reasons why I believe that adventurous leaders will be able to stand out against their competition in the digital age.

Adventurers are not scared to take on new challenges.

Every successful leader needs to take risks and seize new opportunities in order to become successful. Drawing from my experiences, if I was not afraid of jumping 4000 metres from the sky, then taking on a huge new challenge will not be as frightening. Sure, there are always risks involved that need to be considered, but once the risks are weighed, I am excited to tackle the challenge. Adventure has prepared me with the confidence that taking on new challenges isn’t frightening, and in fact, I’m inspired by what may seem “impossible”. When I created Appliances Online, I not only started it because I saw a need for it in the market, but also because I thought it was an exciting challenge to take on. Similarly, those who constantly seek out new adventures are more likely to have the confidence to take technological risks instead of remaining complacent, which will help remain relevant in a constantly evolving industry.

Adventurous leaders are strong innovators.

With technology on the rise, it is extremely important for companies to be dynamic and embrace innovation in order to continue thriving. In retail, the internet caused a huge disruption for traditional brick-and-mortar stores, resulting in many businesses becoming digital. I was lucky enough to pull from my passion for technology and find an innovative niche for both our brick-and-mortar stores and our online store. My desire to be adventurous with new technologies has enabled us to innovate Winning Group’s processes and stand out from traditional retail. The Winning Group has implemented numerous cutting-edge technologies into our processes so that we can best satisfy our customers. Without this urge to constantly innovate with new technologies, I don’t believe that our business would stand a chance in the quickly evolving retail industry.

They can easily cultivate strong connections.

Adventurers usually have this strong desire to please everyone they meet and as we all know, having strong connections is crucial for any business leader. An adventurous leader can easily cultivate these relationships as they naturally form strong relationships with the people in their personal and professional life. By forming solid relationships with customers, suppliers, employees and partners, we are able to better understand and meet their needs, which consequently makes them more likely to want to work with us again in the future. It’s especially important now more than ever in the digital era to please them because of the damage that negative online reviews can cause to the company. One terrible review can ruin a reputation for a lifetime. People highly value their peer’s online reviews as a basis to where they will shop, eat, explore or even work. A business leader’s relationships are crucial and adventurers seem to nail this down quite instinctively.

Don’t get me wrong, I definitely believe a business leader can become a successful leader if they aren’t an adventurous person. There are many inspiring leaders out there who may not jump out of planes and blimps, climb mount Kilimanjaro or sail across oceans like I do. These are just my own personal experiences that I believe have sculpted me into a successful entrepreneur. My overwhelming passion for adventure and technology in my personal life certainly has its advantages when it comes to my professional life, so I just want to share this with the world, if it means that I might help other business leaders with their success in the future.

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