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“ And bringing Sansa to Winterfell to become a Bolton plaything — while possibly a satisfying narrative choice by the end of the series — led to an unnecessarily horrible moment.”

Stopped reading here, tbh.

Anybody who can complain about a rape that was not even shown, just implied, in a show where men and women routinely get beaten, raped, murdered, and mutilated, (all shown fully, by the way), is simply delusional. Opinions like yours act to reduce the amount of interesting and “strong” female characters in all forms of fiction, since you object so strenously to said females enduring any form of hardship. Your attitude is basically “oh that’s too awful to happen to this character, after all she’s a woman”. How patronising. How sexist. How unsurprising that nobody dares to show women face adversity in fiction anymore.

There’s a reason why those who complained so hysterically about this episode were rightly treated as a laughing stock, you know.

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