I’ll, just say, John, that I am now unaffiliated.
Cyd Chartier-Cohn

Being a good leader has nothing to do with “sides,” but rather, with selfless service and moral authority.
not true in a democracy. democracy is a number game. the biggest number wins. and in the US of A you need to work with other departments. and when you work with other departments then selfless services and moral authority give way to politics. sure you understand it. it’s the politics of Talleyrand and Cardinal Richelieu which win in the end. not selfless services and moral authority. morality always give way to politics and in most of the cases morality just means doing lesser harm to the greatest number of people.

Free speech includes “mean speech.”
love that.

Truth and politeness are not mutually exclusive.
but more often than not, politeness is the enemy of truth nowadays.

I’ll, just say, John, that I am now unaffiliated.
i think you’re interested in politics. if so, you have to pick side, Cyd.

Standing in the middle of the road is very dangerous; you get knocked down by the traffic from both sides.
~ Margaret Thatcher

ps. last but not least, don’t dismiss what Trump said because it comes from him, and don’t dismiss him because of what he said. judge him by his results, not process. and give him the time he deserves.

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