Hi John, writers of the Dec of Indep.
David Lowe

Hi David, let the dead buries the dead. now it’s only you and me here. I like those rights you’re talking here. but what’s the use if there are only you and me who agree about it? they’re what should be. not what is.

and if we want to force those rights on other people who disagree with us, doesn’t it mean we’re taking away their rights to be disagree with you?

Like north korea. doesn’t Kim has the right to govern as he does? why not? his subjects agree with him. really.

I know about Kant. he’s clever but not meta enough. you should read about chinese legalism if you’re really interested. i recommend 韓非子. please read the original version in Chinese.

of the four, republic is the best but it’s not “freedom” in the utmost sense. right? there’re limit of freedom in the republic. unless you define freedom as limited.