Dear Grand Old Party
Cyd Chartier-Cohn

i’m curious. does it mean that you’re now a democrat? or do you think that both parties fail?

i don’t think GOP really supports Trump. i think they do it because they have no choice. like you do. you have no choice, but to leave GOP.

the way Trump had no choice but to run as a republican.

democracy is about choices. but it’s not always about good choices.


Trump of course is not presidential. at least in manner.

but that’s also why his supporters like him, because they don’t think he belongs to either sides.

what do you think?

do you think free speech should tolerate mean speech? and if not, why not?

do you allow words to break you? and if you do, why?

do you think truth worths more than politeness? and if not, why not?

you of course don’t have to answer all that.