Fascinating points John — thank you.
David Lowe

In a court of law speaking untruths or even being careless with ones words is costly. There are systems in place to deal with it.

that’s what we have right now isn’t it? there’re many people spreading hoaxes and fake news nowadays. are we going to bring them all to the court of law?

you talk about speaking untruths. why should we punish the guy who speaks untruths? being called a liar and losing credibility is enough punishment for him, no?

and sure you know not all who speak untruth is punished. only those who are found out. we’re living in an age where it’s easy and cheap to check the truth. that’s why we have hoaxes and fake news now. people can easily see through them. should we waste time and money and bring all of them to the court of law?

like I’ve said, until now, we still haven’t discussed the feasibility to control speech.

how are you going to monitor what’s been said by every citizens?

what if they use new language? what if they use pun? code? how are you going to do that? and if you punish your own citizen, are you going to punish the foreigner? can you do that? put them in jail?

we see Germany doesn’t allow people to make nazi salute. you’ll go to jail if you do that. can Merkel put you in jail if you do that in China? what if Chinese government says it’s OK?

there’s no defend against limitless free speech both in utilitarianism terms and feasibility. even if it’s beneficial for you to control, you can’t do that. in this age.