I just read this — and I am paraphrasing. It kind of relates.
Gail Boenning

It is only through the exercise of our curiosity about others that we can free ourselves from our hard-wired self-obsession.

how to get rid of the self? we can be curious about other people but that curiosity is sparked by us. it’s our awareness of our own ignorance that moves us to be curious. and our curiosity are influenced by our preference. we are not curious about everything. and even if we do, we have no time to follow them.

we’re the beginning, we’re the limit of the process, we’re also the end.

someone said cogito ergo sum. i think therefore i am. but how dared he call himself a philosopher without realizing that he had already assumed an i existed before the word think?

Kierkegaard is right when he said “running from myself, I can’t.”

Not only is it virtuous to do so, but empathetic curiosity is also a way to free ourselves from boredom, routine and petty frustration.

DFW forgot to read his Nietzsche.

An example would be to cast aside your frustration while driving or in a grocery store line by pondering the lives of those around you.

I think it’s better to listen to podcast about online course.

OK, so I guess that’s off topic, but it’s what came to mind. If I only think of myself, where does that lead us as a community?

there’s nothing off topic, Gail, everything leads to philosophy.

if you only think of yourself, you would want to live in a well designed community. and you will think of how to design it. and you will want to decide who to live with you.

we live as a community not because we’re selfless. but because it’s cheaper than living alone. the reason is again, selfish. those that live together and the rich that live alone are both selfish. none of them are more virtuous than the other.


of course you can live by yourself, but you may not have enough resource to do it, i.e. lands, robots, security.

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