Speaking for myself, I don’t care that the Clinton campaign did opposition research with Russians. Nor do I care that the Trump campaign did opposition research with Russians. I don’t even really care that the Clintonists are being total hypocrites about this pernicious psyop they keep shoving down everyone’s throats. I don’t care about Robert Mueller, I don’t care about Susan Rice, and I don’t care if they ever “lock her up”. I just want these awful Russiagate lies to end, because they’re being used to manufacture support for new cold war escalations and to leverage the current administration into taking a more hawkish position toward Moscow. These things could end the world, and that’s infinitely more important than any partisan grudge against corrupt Democrats.
Clintonists Suddenly Claiming It’s Perfectly Normal To Do Oppo Research With Russians
Caitlin Johnstone

it’s true. but to those who see clearly and think/act relevantly [be they voters or those in power], those research are good distractions for those who’re irrelevant. let them have their fun.

Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.
~ Napoléon Bonaparte