Celebs rule the world?

my reply in bold

you asked, “ Is there really not a better way to govern our nations?”


If the universe is indeed infinite and there are many more life carrying planets out there in other solar systems, would they all have the same way of governance?

no. we don’t even have the same governance in the the same planet.

Or would they be looking down on us in a way a grown up looks at a monkey trying to ride a bicycle: a cynical smile that says maybe one day you will learn.


We cannot and shouldn’t live our lives with the goals of ease, beauty and entertainment.

why not? in the pursuit of ease, we improve the technology. in pursuit of beauty we create art. in pursuit of entertainment we create artists? whoa! well, we need entertainment. but not all the time.

Why do we give so much power to people that actually do so little for our world, while the very few that actually do noteworthy deeds are often neglected.

most of the people are stupid.

Whenever I hear young girls and boys say they want to become bloggers, actors or models, it truly breaks my heart.


Why do we give the role of role models to people that do so little good?

well that’s easy money now I think. or at least it’s easy money for them. not all people are born with the same live path.

Of course when looking at the photos of huge yachts, beautiful clothes and large swimming pools, it might seem like a dream to live a life like that, but in essence their lives are so empty, so meaningless.

a life without huge yachts, beautiful clothes and large swimming pools, can also be meaningless. and NOT ALL lives with huge yachts, beautiful clothes and large swimming pools, are meaningless. if they can’t give life meaning, they can’t also take away.

Lets not make it our goals to earn the most money or buy the biggest yacht.

sorry, it’s a lonely path. I can say.

Lets make it our goal to add something good to the earth, to make the future children look up to you instead of Kim K, so that not the money you make but the knowledge you have and add is the ultimate power symbol.

And of course, if in the end your invention allows you to buy a yacht, I am not stopping you.

I actually don’t really like yacht.