“There are only two ways to tell your story.”
Steve Bryant

my reply in [bracket]

“At the end of the day, everything is PR.”
[In this age, where information sharing is cheap, PR is less important than the real quality and value of the product/service itself. PR can’t save a leader from saying something politically wrong. PR can’t save the car company from the emission scandals. Story told for sugared beverage has more dislikes in YouTube. PR can’t help you sell more phones if your phones keep on exploding.]

“The only way to get attention is to tell stories.”
[Explaining the feature of the product/service is more important.

Because after the story, you still have to say something about your product/service.

Furthermore, no one has long attention span for story anymore.]

“But storytellers have large audiences, and that’s the opportunity.”
[Says the storytellers. A lot of brands have large audiences.
Information technology and information sharing is cheap.
That’s why instead of following PR, people just follow the tweets.
We should recognize that now is the end of PR.

Companies are hiring or are led by people who know how to tell good story, since Steve Jobs.

Which PR company is better than Steve Jobs?

Sure, we have only one Steve Jobs, but it’s better to hear it from the CEO’s or Chairman’s mouth than from the PR mouth. Not to say the horse’s mouth.

The problem we have ISN’T most of the CEO and Chairman can’t tell good stories.

The problem we have IS most of the CEO and Chairman can’t stop lying.