I can concede I am probably younger than you and maybe I may not understand things as clearly as I…
Onika Shetty

my reply in [bracket]

My standing opinion is honestly, in this world, you can’t truly compare one to another. India and other developing countries, I honestly feel bad for becasue you have to admit it isn’t ALL their fault.

[why not? why COULDN’T they be the same as the white? OK that WAS back then. let’s talk about now. now information is cheap. it’s cheap to learn what’s work and what’s not. it’s easy to the best type of governance. now why don’t the developing countries learn from the whites? we’ve seen the japanese and chinese learn from the west after second world war. japanese from german and chinese at first from russian then change to learn from the japanese. yes, it’s messy, but at least they try to learn. why can’t India and other developing country do the same? why can’t we blame them? if your child can’t graduate, will you blame him/her? no?]

I am not Indian, but it would be wrong to say Europe didn’t hurt alot of people in their process of colonialism, and I think it can easily be called immoral.

[I didn’t say the European didn’t hurt a lot of people. sure they hurt a lot of people then. and yes, it can easily be called immoral, using current morality. but it’s not immoral back then, according to them. like it’s not immoral for a higher caste Indian to treat a lower caste Indian badly, back then. I meant those people just didn’t think it’s immoral. it’s us who think they are immoral. but we have to accept that they’re living in different times. that’s how human progress.]

[regarding your examples:

the whites were not the only one who killed. OK, maybe they killed more. but it’s also due to the advancement of their weapon. the other winner, given the same weapon might create the same casualty, if not more. and you will notice that people were still being killed after Indian independence.]

Europe also spread ideas that helped bring the living standard higher and more westernlike which, I agree is good.
[well, that’s side effect I can say. that’s not their intention.]

I respect your opinion, but please do not act like Europe was the savior in this world.
[well, who WAS the savior in this world? human has not until now united as a world. any problem was and is treated locally most of the time. I don’t say the whites are the savior. I’m not white. but they contribute most of the important things in science and politic until NOW. by NOW I mean we’re not sure about the future, the east asians have more patents I’ve heard.]

PS. “and maybe I may not understand things as clearly as I may in the future.”

[that’s not an option, really.]

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