Wouldn’t living alone be incredibly lonely? We are meant to be social creatures?
Gail Boenning

Wouldn’t living alone be incredibly lonely? We are meant to be social creatures?

that’s what Aristotle said. he based his philosophy on what had already existed. not what should be. I don’t think we should be living alone. I just say that the reason of living together as a society is not a selfless reason. [I’ve edited my previous response. added something. :) ]

I’d agree. There is no getting rid of the self. But, I believe that the self has to be manged to fit with all of the other selfs we share the planet with.

not all the selfs think so. and that kind of thinking will only make the selfish selfs win. in the end, that kind of thinking will eliminate its thinkers. what’s left are only those selfish selfs.

it’s like those who said we should be politically correct. it’s their own voice they’re correcting. not those who don’t listen to them. in the end, they can only silence themselves.

Frankl said in Man’s Search for Meaning that the Statue of Liberty on the East coast should be flanked by a Statue of Responsibility on the West coast. That sentence has always made a lot of sense to me.

Frankl is not a good philosopher. he’s famous only because he survived Nazi. Liberty is based on free will, oh, here we go again. Responsibility is also based on free will. so if free will is not important, then both statues can make way for apartments that will reduce the price of real estate maybe.

There is also a line — or a title, from the mini-series Band of Brothers (about the 101st paratrooper division in WWII) — We stand alone together.

that’s just a play of words. but sometimes we need it in fighting. just some motivational words to kick some asses.

Hmmm — not sure what to say about listening to a podcast or online course. Personally, one of the joys in this mysterious life is pondering the how and why of what makes people tick.

of course it’s joyful. I always play that game and sometimes I have the chance to confirm my speculations. but I can’t do it all the time. there’re numerous possibilities not to mention some possibilities are horrible even for us to imagine.

I am so glad to have these even tempered philosophical discussions!

I can’t run away from that. that’s the root for me.

One last thing — I also agree that communities function more harmoniously when like minded people live together. That is NOT to say we shouldn’t be aware and accepting of differences. I just mean that when people agree the wheels turn more smoothly.

here my opinion will be too politically incorrect. but do you agree that we should have limit on that differences? because that’s democracy isn’t it? [see? i even have to defend myself with democracy. oh, if only we don’t live in political correct era] democracy chooses side. it only favors the majority.

so if we support democracy, then we also support that some voices/differences should be ignored. at least until the next election. [phew.]


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