they should be in charge of their own actions
Gail Boenning

Wait a minute! How does this fit with determinism and free will? Is there a connection I am missing?
I know you’ll say this. 😊

unless my philosophy become mainstream, which I don’t think it will anytime soon, then we can give them something called control.

they thought they’re controlling their behavior. they thought they’re in charge of their behavior. but how can it be possible when they don’t even control the neurotransmitters in their brain? but people are stubborn. it’s almost impossible to tell them that free will is not necessary. many people like I've said, will lose their jobs. so for now, I’ll use their language and play their game.

there are many ways to reach Rome. this is not the best. but a feasible one. unless you want a revolution. well, I don’t mind a revolution, but I don’t want to be the sans-culottes.


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