I can understand how we got here and I do not really believe there was any intent behind it. It seems to be human nature to always want more. Can we consider the food scientists as bad or evil. I don’t really think so. Most were just working to support their families, right? Once the horse was out of the stable, nobody was willing to give up the good thing they had going. I suppose history could point to a lot of examples of this.
Thanks for the read and response Jack Preston King.
Gail Boenning

well said.

Now that we’re here, it seems there is no turning back. Think of all of the jobs supporting people in those industries. If I’m not mistaken, healthcare is by far the largest job sector in the nation.

we don’t have to go back. we can go forward. there’re countries that promotes healthy life style for their citizens, without sacrificing the employment.

Healthcare as an industry will always be there even though we’re healthy. It will only change its focus. All we need to do is to find out how the best countries do it, and copy their policies. And do it better than them.

And implement their policies slowly, so that the workers have time to change jobs. It will impact not only the economy but also the education.

difficult yes, impossible no.

a nice song for you.

Kokia - Arigatou

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